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What's New in Stacks 4.0

Release Date
December 13, 2022

Stacks 4.0 offers an upgraded experience with improvements and enhancements across the platform. Below are some key improvements you can expect:

New Style Editor 
Stacks now supports inline style editing for a more robust authoring experience. Individual elements can be formatted independently from your theme settings with per-content-type layouts and baked-in free images. Preview your changes on the same screen you make your edits for a truly seamless administration experience. 

Administrative Experience
Thanks to customer feedback, we've identified and implemented a few improvements to make the navigation of the Stacks Dashboard more intuitive. Search Integrations [keys] are now housed under the Integrations Dashboard Tile alongside all other Integrations. Feature Settings are included in each feature tile. The Style Editor allows you to go beyond theme settings to tailor your experience with an inline editor. 

New Layouts
Layouts replace Customize this [Landing] Page, empowering you to create more complex drag-and-drop layouts.

Search boasts several improvements, including the ability to edit Bento Boxes, combine Bento Box content types [source type, subject & content provider], create multiple Bento Pages [supporting personas, topics & more specific to your institution's needs] & Advanced EDS Search. All search integrations now support both list & grid views in addition to Bento Search interoperability. External Catalogs are now called Outbound Catalogs to reflect their nature more. 

Events & Bookings
By popular demand, we have completely revamped our Events & Bookings features to support all the brilliant ideas our customers brought to the table during the pandemic. Completely interoperable: book people, places, and things in one convenient tool boasting all the capabilities of yesterday's favorites. Feature Roadmap [link coming soon]

The Stacks Team has invested heavily in ensuring your Stacks 4.0 implementation can meet and exceed your Accessibility goals. With inline prompts and improved compatibility, you'll find all the options you need. 

Stacks 4.0 now provides the option of supplementing manual translations with machine translation in a single domain for a seamless multi-language experience that persists throughout the experience. 

Highlights on EBSCO integration improvements

  • EDS Bento Boxes can now be comprised of any combination of source type, subject & content provider
  • EDS API now supports Advanced Search
  • EDS API now supports Unpaywall FT Links as a Fallback
  • Novelist integration has been updated to use the newest widgets
  • Library Aware supports Stacks' Events & News RSS Feeds
  • Accel5 integration via Kaltura now possible with Professional Services - more visual and real-time
  • New* PublicationIQ Search Integration
  • Integration with MedsAPI so customers can search and retrieve content from DynaMed, Dynamic Health, and Consumer Health